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Dazzling Festival of Lights at the Jardin des Plantes

Spotlight on the oceans! For its second edition of the Festival of Lights, the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Paris invites you to discover the seabed and its inhabitants! A nocturnal and magical odyssey to illuminate the end of year celebrations! To be seen until January 19, 2020.
They invaded the Plant Garden. Fish, octopus, sharks and other marine creatures are the stars of the Ocean in the process of being illuminated, an unusual and artistic journey imagined by the Museum. A total of fifty monumental and luminous structures have been spread throughout the Garden, according to four themes. They are to be discovered during an enchanting stroll which, beyond aesthetics, also wishes to raise public awareness of both the richness and fragility of the oceans.
The unusual adventure began at nightfall in Place Valhubert. Here, the inhabitants of the tropical coastline welcome visitors to their first steps. And the magic happens. Amazed, adults and children let themselves slide to the warm seas, before diving into the mysterious abysses populated by strange creatures, only to finally fail in the icy seas of the poles.
The first edition of this festival, Species in the process of being illuminated, held in 2018, was a phenomenal success, with nearly 370,000 visitors. This second opus also promises to bring the crowds back. Book your ticket as soon as possible!

Finally, the large Ocean exhibition presented at the Grande Galerie de l’Évolution is an excellent way to extend this aquatic immersion and complete your knowledge of the marine world.
Useful information and tickets on the Jardin des Plantes website:

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on the Champs-Élysées!

On December 31, 2019, all on the Champs-Élysées! Like thousands of Parisians and visitors, come to the most beautiful avenue in Paris to celebrate the transition to the New Year. Around the Arc de Triomphe, a sound and light show and fireworks display will take you on a beating tour until 2020. Ready for the countdown?
On New Year’s Eve, all eyes will be on the Arc de Triomphe. For several years, the monument has been used as a prestigious support for a video and musical show. For about twenty minutes, the images follow one another and come to life on the stone walls, in rhythm with the music. The colours fuse in the night, illuminating the sky of Paris and the eyes of the thousands of spectators gathered on the Champs-Élysées for the occasion.
This grandiose show organized by the Paris City Hall is a prelude to the inevitable countdown to midnight. So, let’s have fireworks! A fairy tale of lights to close the show in style and welcome the new year.
A moment of magic and popular jubilation, New Year’s Eve on the Champs-Élysées is something to experience at least once in your life! If you stay at the Palym Hotel during the Christmas and New Year holidays, don’t miss this unique event. A word of advice: don’t wait until 11 p.m. to get there. The first spectators arrive very early. Do the same and take the opportunity to walk along the sparkling Avenue des Champs-Élysées, majestic in its festive clothes.
Say goodbye to 2019 at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe, and wake up in 2020 in your room at the Palym Hotel!

Hôtel Palym - Salon de la Photo

Photo fair: the 8th art in the spotlight

Are you rather compact or reflex? The kind that has the easy trigger or waits hours to make the perfect shot? Amateurs or professionals, whatever your profile, the 11th Salon de la photo awaits you all from November 7 to 11 at Paris Expo-porte de Versailles. To get equipped and informed, it is the ideal place. Cheese! Cheese!
The meeting place in France for everything that makes photography for all those who do it! This is how the Salon itself presents itself. And in fact, if you are interested in the subject, you can only be satisfied. For 5 days, at Paris Expo, it will only be about photography. Major international image brands, manufacturers, importers, but also schools, professional associations and photo press, all will be there to exchange, exhibit, explain and debate on the latest developments in the world of photography.
Do you want to renew or complete your equipment? The Sales Village offers just about everything that is being done, including the latest news, to be discovered urgently. Need technical advice? Shooting, printing, digital retouching, storage: no question will remain unanswered. And because doing so is always better than saying it, practical workshops and internships are also on the agenda.
Of course, you will not leave without taking a look at the various exhibitions, all of which are new, or without listening to the major conferences. Culinary photography, science photography, nude photography… a multitude of themes will be discussed, in the company, of course, of great names in the sector.
In November, the Palym hotel welcomes all photo enthusiasts. Find the programme and all the information on the Show’s website:

Hôtel Palym - Salon Marjolaine

The Marjoram Salon is organic!

Looking for green? From November 2 to 11, the Salon Marjolaine opens its doors at the Parc floral de Paris. This now unavoidable autumn event promises to bring all your senses and determination to life: yes, it is possible to consume better and live well. You will have proof of this at every corner of the stands….
Organic is on the rise. At the Salon Marjolaine, we have been convinced of its benefits for a very long time now. The first Salon de ce qui se ressemblente au plus grand marché vert de France was organized for the first time in… 1976 ! For more than 40 years, this exhibition has been inviting an ever-increasing number of visitors to discover a very wide selection of products. Food, cosmetics, fashion, housing, tourism, crafts… The immersion in the world of organic and responsible practices is total!
Over the years, the Show has been enriched with highlights and activities that punctuate these 10 days. On the program, 30 round tables and cine-conferences, 130 discovery workshops, 60 slow life workshops (Zen moments in perspective) and also a night to enjoy it until the end of the night (or almost)!
Some appointments not to be missed: the Café Écolo, a space where you can discuss, exchange, get informed, organic wine tastings and practical workshops to make yourself (toothpaste, compost…).
In short: the Salon Marjolaine is the meeting place for all those who are keen on organic farming or those who are curious about leading a healthier, more environmentally friendly and more positive life. A total of 560 exhibitors, all experts in organic agriculture, ecology, sustainable development and natural well-being, are waiting for you.
In November Paris is beautiful and organic!

Hôtel Palym - Halloween

Celebrate Halloween in Paris!

Why do we like the All Saints’ Day holidays? For Halloween! Whether you’re tall or short, you love to scare yourself… and have a good laugh. It’s all a question of dosage: a night of horror more real than nature or a little good-natured fiesta, in Paris for Halloween, there’s something for everyone. Hotel Palym offers you some good tips… scary!
Mandatory costume! No way to celebrate Halloween until you have put on the perfect little monster, vampire, zombie… The most eccentric ideas are welcome! Thus prepared, you are ready to blend into the Parisian night, alongside creatures just as horrifying or hilarious.
The bars and clubs, redesigned for the occasion, remain one of the favourite gathering points for all partygoers on October 31. Thrills and fun guaranteed! The same terrifying atmosphere with decibels at the Docks de Paris where France’s biggest Halloween party is held: the 2019 Halloween Festival! Let yourself be carried away into the heart of a dark and evil forest surrounded by some fifteen artists.
The most adventurous will dare to visit the Manoir de Paris, an intense experience not recommended for children under 12 years old and sensitive souls… More soft, several museums and Parisian places are in tune with each other and also offer special activities to discover with family or friends. Examples include the Paris-Muséum d’histoire naturelle zoological park or the Grévin museum. Not to mention Disney Park, which will be in the Halloween colours every year from the end of September.
For Halloween, book your stay at the Palym Hotel, and come and shiver with fear and pleasure thanks to the many activities organized in the capital.

Hôtel Palym - Toulouse - Lautrec

Resolutely modern: Toulouse-Lautrec in the Grand-Palais

Do you think you know Toulouse-Lautrec? The exhibition in the Grand-Palais from 9 October to 27 January 2020 may prove the opposite. This autumn, the museum is bringing together some 200 works by the artist, inviting visitors to take a fresh look at them. Decryption.
La Goulue, le Moulin-Rouge, brothels… The Parisian night and its pleasures are at the heart of Toulouse-Lautrec’s work. Should he be reduced to a painter of the “Montmartre culture”, a witness to his drunkenness and debauchery? No! replied the curators of the exhibition “Resolutely modern”.
It is time to open the prism and finally see Toulouse-Lautrec as an artist of realism, a direct heir to Ingres, Manet and Degas. His own realism is expressive, sudden, funny, direct. He intends to depict the reality of his time in all its aspects, including the least suitable ones. Without judgment, without criticism, and always with great humanity. Certainly the style remains incisive, caustic and even satirical. But there is also poetry and aesthetics that are not the result of chance, but rather of a research, an ambition assumed by the painter from Languedoc.
Singular and complex, as Toulouse-Lautrec could be called. Toulouse-Lautrec, avant-garde painter? Toulouse-Lautrec, precursor of futurism? Whatever the reading we make of it, his work remains unique, and his paintings fascinating by their colours, their movement, their realism sometimes believed.
From October 9th, let yourself be seduced by the inimitable verve of this great master of painting, brilliant and talented but misunderstood in his time.
You will find all the practical information on the exhibition on the official website of the Grand-Palais:


Techno Parade 2019

Save the date: the Techno Parade is back on September the 28thin Paris! What’s the line-up? A flock of tanks equipped with sound systems to spread decibels through the streets of the capital: house, electro, trance, dubstep, drum’n bass, hardcore…


The Techno Parade celebrates its 21stanniversary! This is now a well-established appointment in Paris. But are you familiar with the concept? Hotel Palym offers you a short three-point summary of the “whys and hows”.

1/ Celebrating electronic culture and music:as primary aim of this event and reason it was created. Since then, this genre has been adopted rather well by youth and the public, but there are still obstacles remaining to the development of this music style. The Techno Parade therefore intends to continue to engage the media, the public and institutions.

2/ Celebrate: DJs in abundance, non-stop sound… Techno Parade does everything in its power to get you moving! Above all, it remains a unique moment of celebration, freedom, dance and conviviality that brings together nearly 400,000 people!

3/ Discover: organisers, labels, artists, collectives, project leaders… thanks to the different floats of the active parade. Each in their own way, they contribute to this great celebration, offering an international showcase of some of the best. It is also an opportunity to highlight emerging talents.


If you are not afraid of the crowd dancing on the rhythm of electro sounds, Hotel Palym advise you to come to Paris on September 28thfor the Techno Parade.

Find all the information on the event website:

When Paris celebrates its gardens and urban agriculture

A weekend in nature, yet in the city? Yes, it’s possible! The Gardens and Urban Agriculture Festival, held on 14 and 15 September, is the living proof of it. As every other year, this event invites young and old to discover or rediscover the capital’s green spaces. Rural moments guaranteed!

Monceau Park? Georges-Brassens Park? Tuileries Garden? Make your choice! For the 2019 Garden Festival, a total of 40 places are open to visitors in Paris and nearby towns, some of them well worth a visit. In each of them, visitors will be able to participate in all kinds of free activities related to nature: potting workshop, floral composition, guided tours, concerts, games, walks…

For almost 20 years, this event is well established, so this 23rd edition should once again attract thousands of curious people. Whether or not you are already aware of environmental issues, this popular event is an opportunity to enjoy a both fun and ecological break. What’s more, you can discover the professions in the landscape sector through meetings with the agents who work daily in the parks, gardens and woods of the capital.

In the 12tharrondissement, not far from the Palym Hotel, many places await you. Do you know the Debergue-Rendez-Vous garden? the Deux-Lauriers park? the shared gardens on rue Verte? So many little corners of nature where you can share a pleasant moment with both hands in the ground or feet in the grass! Not to mention the Bercy park, which also welcomes you with some shows, exhibitions, workshops…

More information about the program can be found at:


Hôtel Palym - Grande Arche

Garden Parvis: the largest outdoor living space

Why don’t you take your summer quarters at La Défense? Imagine: 5,600 square metres of square footage transformed into a space for celebration and relaxation. From July 11 to August 25, the capital’s business district welcomes Parisians and visitors to Paris for a drink, concerts and a variety of entertainment! See you at the foot of the Great Ark!
In summer, Paris is no longer quite Paris. Emptied of its inhabitants, languid under a beautiful blue sky, the city goes into holiday mode. But Paris without Parisians would still not be Paris. Don’t worry, there are still a few workers left in July and August, ready like you to enjoy the summer warmth. And where does everyone gather to have a good time and celebrate? At Garden Parvis, the capital’s new freshness hub!
Food Court, shaded terraces, experiential bars, free concerts, pop-up stores, thematic activity areas, free activities… For six weeks, La Défense will do its utmost to offer you a good time. All for free!
All day long, the hungry will find something to satisfy themselves. And enjoy it! Among businessmen and women, enjoy fresh and seasonal produce, tapas, salads… At afterwork time, mingle with the crowd for a drink at the foot of the Grande Arche, surrounded every Thursday and Friday by a live DJ set.
But that’s not all. During the day, the four thematic areas are full of activities of all kinds for adults and children: cultural and sports activities, DIY workshops…
This summer, discover the esplanade like you’ve never seen it before with Garden Parvis!

Hôtel Palym - Soldes

Three, two, one, one: sell out!

You will love… staying in Paris during the sales! From June 26 to August 6, the fashion capital is multiplying bargains, lower prices and discounts. Whether you’re a fashionista from the beginning or not, put your suitcases down at the Palym hotel and let yourself be won over by the buying fever that seizes Paris every summer!
Every year, at the beginning of summer, it is the same ritual: everywhere on the windows of large posters announce the promotions to be seized. On the racks, in the shelves, labels appear indicating -30%, -50% and up to -70% reduction. Clothes, shoes, furniture, perfumes… nothing escapes the big sale! Come in, ladies and gentlemen, everything must disappear before the new collection arrives!
As soon as you leave the Palym Hotel, the pretty boutiques of the creators and craftsmen of the Viaduc des Arts will keep an eye on you. A little further on, the cobblestones of Bercy Village welcome you under a flood of colourful balloons, tracing a path through the shops. To do if you are as interested in walking as you are in shopping.
For the hard-core, let’s head for the must-see, the streets and districts that have earned Paris its reputation as a temple of shopping: the Marais district and its trendy boutiques; Saint-Germain-des-Prés for haute couture and the rue de Rennes for the great ready-to-wear brands; boulevard Haussmann and its legendary department stores; not to mention the Champs-Élysées, avenue Montaigne, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré, home of the great names in luxury.
Note: Summer sales last six weeks and generally have three markdowns.

Hôtel Palym - Fête de la musique

The 2019 Fête de la musique

Musical and friendly: the most popular of the summer’s events is back on June 21, 2019! As every year, the Fête de la musique breaks out in the towns and villages of France. And the magic happens. In Paris as elsewhere, on June 21, go out and stroll through the streets and squares transformed for the occasion into a gigantic open stage.
The Fête de la musique, everyone knows it! The group of young people who throw the decibels in the local café, the choir of the conservatory who gut its repertoire in front of the church, the unknown guitarist who sings his ballad on a piece of sidewalk or the star who sets the stage on fire in the main square for a one-night concert. What do they have in common? The taste for music of course, but also the desire to share it, for free, just for the pleasure of being together and having fun.
The Fête de la musique, everyone knows, but how about the Fête de la musique in Paris? On June 21, 2019, from the Palym Hotel, discover the musical treasures of the longest day of the year! Vibrate to the rhythm of Japanese drums on Place de la Bastille, sing a song in an improvised choir to the sound of accordions on Place des Vosges, do it all with electro music on Rue Saint-Antoine, swing on a barge moored on the Seine, led by a group of funk, jazz and groovy musicians or dive under the pyramid of the Louvre for a classical concert by the Paris Orchestra.
As you will have understood, choice and variety are on the program, and the program continues to grow day by day!
All information and events on the website:

Lenny Kravitz and Elton John: two stars at AccorHotels Arena!

There are many good reasons to stay at the Palym hotel: cosy and stylish rooms, a wide range of services, a central location… This situation in the heart of Paris allows it to be in contact with prestigious neighbours, including the AccorHotels Arena, one of the capital’s largest theatres! It is here that two international stars will perform in June: Lenny Kravitz and Elton John.
The first one is a rock icon. In his 30-year career, Lenny Kravitz has imposed his style and name on the international rock scene. In 2019, the New York artist returned to the road for a new world tour. Entitled Raise Vibration Tour, it follows the release of her latest album. On June 5, Lenny Kravitz will be in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena. A date that takes on the appearance of a regular appointment for fans, less than a year after his last visit to this same venue.
If there is still time to book a ticket for Lenny Kravitz’s concert, be aware that Elton John’s concert on June 20 is already sold out! The king of British pop, the artist with 300 million records sold worldwide, now a legend and a superstar after 50 years in the music business, is about to retire. His great world tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road is none other than his farewell tour. We understand the eagerness of the fans who literally rushed to the places as soon as they were put on sale. Notice to latecomers: a catch-up session is scheduled for October 10, 2020, again at AccorHotels Arena.
This incredible 2018-2020 tour includes no less than 300 dates across five continents. When you’re Sir Elton John, you do things big.
Book your rock and pop stay at the Palym Hotel!

Roland-Garros 2019

In May, take advantage of your stay at the Palym Hotel to review your classics! Forehand, backhand, cushion, half-volley, ace, slice… From May 20 to June 9, the clay at Roland-Garros will once again vibrate under the expert feet of the best tennis players in the world. An experience to live at least once!
Surprise! Surprise! We weren’t expecting him, but he will be there: Roger Federer has confirmed his presence at the 2019 French Open tournament. This will spice up this mythical competition. You wouldn’t want to miss that? Then let’s go to the east of Paris! Especially since this year the stadium is opening new facilities.
Larger, more modern, more welcoming and more open to the outside world, the New French Open intends to establish itself as a Grand Slam star! All eyes will be on the brand new Philippe-Chatrier court, the famous central court.
Be careful, however, that the smell of new does not distract you from the essential: the matches! Keep in mind that this tournament is known to be the most difficult in the Grand Slam. From qualifying to the grand final, the matches are already shaping up to be exciting!
Some tips to make the most of your Roland-Garros experience. First, remember to book your tickets early. Secondly, bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and umbrella: the weather in Paris is changing fast and the retractable roof is only expected for 2020! Note: to tan, nothing beats the deckchairs on Place des Mousquetaires. A little something to eat? Don’t worry about a snack: bars and various stands are at your disposal. Instead, keep a place in your bag to bring back a souvenir. Yes, at Roland-Garros you can also go shopping!

What to do, what to see for the European Museum Night?

The proverb says it all: in May, do as you please! So simply let yourself be guided by your desires and take advantage of the 15th edition of the European Night of Museums to discover new places, meet new people, in a word: indulge yourself! In Paris, on Saturday May 18, it will be a long night…
Do you know the European Museum Night? It is this event created by the Ministry of Culture in 2005. Every year, it returns to offer you a new program that is always richer in artistic, friendly and fun experiences. Thus everywhere in France and Europe, many museums open their doors free of charge for part of the night, some spice up the evening by offering all kinds of activities: guided and illuminated tours, tours, workshops, screenings, tastings, live shows…
To give you a taste, Hotel Palym has selected for you some experiences to experience in the capital.
Unpublished. The National Archives opens the doors of the Large Archives for guided tours. A rare opportunity to enter these prestigious buildings, housing the medieval and Ancien Régime archives, the Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III depots.
Fun. In the garden of the Picasso Museum, discover two strange culbuto men for an artistic and poetic performance imagined by Yoann Bourgeois and his accomplices.
Suspect. The Museum of the Prefecture of Police invites budding investigators to a conference entitled “The Origins of Forensic Science”.
Childish. Artists in shorts, the Carnavalet Museum awaits you for a creative workshop preceded by a tale.
Festive. Visit the square in front of the Paris Museum of Modern Art for a DJ set by Zelda and a live concert by the SheWolf.
The other events are to be discovered on the website:

Who will win the 2019 French Football Cup?

On Saturday 27 April, the Stade de France hosts the final of the French Football Cup. In the stands, we are already expecting a lively atmosphere. Only one uncertainty to date, the names of the two finalist clubs. The final square is being played in April. Four clubs are still in the running: Lyon, Rennes, Nantes and PSG. The predictions are open!
Will PSG, the current defending champions, be on the field on Saturday 27 April to defend their place? On the other hand, who from Lyon or Rennes will try to win? One thing is certain, Paris Saint-Germain will do everything in their power to win a 13th title, confirming their status as the most successful club in this competition.
Before we start betting on the results of this 2019 French Cup final, let’s take a look at the last matches played and those to come. At the end of February, Lyon eliminated Caen in the quarter-finals, Rennes won against Orléans. For the semi-finals, Lyon will host the Stade rennais on 2 April and Nantes, qualified against Vitré, will face PSG, winner of Dijon, at the Parc des Princes on 3 April.
You will stay at the Palym Hotel on April 27th and you are lucky to have booked your ticket for the final? Then know that in only 30 minutes the RER A and D will take you to the Stade de France. And if your favourite team wins, they will bring you back to the heart of Paris as quickly as they can to celebrate the event with dignity! Place de la Bastille for example? A major venue for Parisian celebrations just a stone’s throw from the hotel!
Book your 100% football stay at the Palym Hotel today!

The Schneider Electric Marathon of Paris

It’s THE spring sporting event in Paris! On April 14, the cobblestones of the capital will tremble under the crowd of runners who have come to compete for the traditional and unmissable Schneider Electric Marathon in Paris. An international event, combining performance and conviviality, this great race is also a must for the public!
The figures speak for themselves: 55,000 runners and nearly 145 nationalities represented. The Paris Marathon is undoubtedly one of the most important in the world. And now it is even available over four days thanks to the Salon du running which precedes it from 11 to 13 April at the Parc des Expositions at the Porte de Versailles.
Why such a craze? The ordeal itself has never been so well. This mythical and popular 42.195 km race is particularly appreciated by athletes. As proof, the number of editions is multiplying all over the world with undeniable success. And Paris has its followers! The City of Light is one of the favourite sites of marathon runners.
Its west-to-east route through the most beautiful streets of the capital is certainly not to blame. On the program, beautiful monuments in a unique setting, but also an alternation of small climbs and descents that make this marathon one of the most challenging!
On the spectator side, you too can enjoy the scenery, attend the many activities organized throughout the course, without forgetting of course to encourage the athletes! This year, note that the Paris Marathon will be green or not! The organizers commit themselves and you to an eco-responsible marathon.
Save the date: Hotel Palym invites you to meet us on April 14th for the Paris Marathon!

Dazzling Festival of Lights at the Jardin des Plantes

Spotlight on the oceans! For its second edition of the Festival of Lights, the Muséum d’histoire naturelle de Paris invites you to discover the seabed and its inhabitants! A nocturnal and magical odyssey to illuminate the end of year celebrations! To be seen until January 19, 2020. They invaded the Plant Garden. Fish, octopus, sharks […]

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