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Hotel Palym - AccorHotel arena

Sound and sliding at the Accordhotels Arena

Hotel Palym - Fashion week

Paris Fashion Week 2018

Outside temperatures are near zero, the sky is grey and, in the streets, the Parisians disappear under a pile of bonnet, gloves and scarves. Time does not lend itself to this, and yet! It’s time to think about what you’re going to wear as soon as the weather returns. Rest assured, others have chewed you on the job: from January 16,2018 Paris Fashion Week is coming back and giving you the trends for spring-summer 2018.

The fashion world is in turmoil: from 16 January to 6 March 2018, the fashion show season will set the capital on fire. Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Chanel, Dior, Galliano, McCartney, Miyake, Miu Miu Miu, Saint Laurent and others, all are already on the brink of war. In the workshops, we are putting the finishing touches to creations that will perhaps become as cult as the Chanel suit in its time or Jean-Paul Gauthier’s corset.

The eagerly awaited Haute Couture fashion show of this Fashion Week 2018 will take place from 22 to 25 January. And like every year, the most beautiful places in Paris will be requisitioned by the great fashion houses, because a jewel is nothing without its case…

If you’re not lucky enough to be a part of the accredited happy few or invited to attend your favourite designer’s fashion show, take comfort. It is always possible to be admitted in the room by standing in a standing queue. Multiply your chances by taking care of your look. If, in spite of your efforts, the doors of the parade remain permanently closed, you will have at least been able to taste the atmosphere of the event on the “off” side. Before trying the adventure again in autumn for the winter collection!

Festival du Merveilleux au Musée des Arts Forains

Wonderful festival at the Museum of Fairground Arts

Do you know the Musée des Arts forains in Paris? An unusual place that takes you into the world of show business as it was conceived at the Belle Époque. And do you know the Festival du merveilleux at the Musée des Arts marvellous at the Musée des Arts forains? From December 26th to January 7th, immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas while discovering the magical and fantastic world of this unique museum.

At the Musée des Arts forains you can discover the incredible collection of Jean-Paul Favand, a passionate showman and fairground arts enthusiast. The place certainly deserves a detour, and even more so at the Festival du merveilleux. For thirteen days, the museum metamorphoses and offers you a multitude of animations. This year makes room for music! And especially to the “Invisibles Musicians”, old mechanical musical instruments specially restored for the occasion.

The festivities will be in full swing in each of the museum’s four universes: at the Théâtre du Merveilleux, the Musée des Arts forains, the Venetian Salons around the gondolas, the Magic Mirror, but also in the street-garden dressed, as it should be, with Christmas decorations.

As you wander around, you’ll come across rides from another time, automatons, but also artists, jugglers, acrobats specially invited to prolong the magic! Enough to regain her childish soul. Because if the children enjoy the show, the adults enjoy it just as much, some attractions are even reserved for them! Here you can go for a walk, go for a ride, try out old games: this is the concept of a museum-show wanted by the creator of the place.

The museum of fairground arts and its Festival du merveilleux are to be discovered at the pavilions of Bercy, old wine cellars of the nineteenth century reconverted.

Palym - Noel gourmand

A gourmet Christmas salon

Which party combines eye and table pleasure? Christmas of course, with its enchanting light and festive meals. If you’re staying at the Palym Hotel between December 15th and 18th, don’t miss the gourmet Christmas fair at the Cité de la mode et du design. You will be sure to find the exceptional food or wine that will enhance your menu on the 24th or 25th of December.

Self-proclaimed “Parisian showcase of exceptional gastronomy and winegrowers”, Noël gourmand, organized for the 5th edition at the Cité de la mode et du design, brings together 120 carefully selected producers. They were chosen for the quality of their products and their know-how. You will thus find on the trade fair stands what the regions of France have the best to offer! A true showcase of French-style gastronomic excellence!

What do you say about the good and the new? Recipes of forgotten cheeses dating back several centuries, foie gras of monkfish, chocolates with condiments and plant essences, morels of Patagonia, rare natural turmeric are some of the curiosities that you can taste and take home. Do you prefer classics? They will be there, but beware, here we only do in the high-end classic please! To discover: olive oil, smoked salmon, smoked scallops, dried and cooked mushrooms from the Périgord, and a thousand other nuggets.

But the “Noël gourmand” fair is also an opportunity to meet passionate artisans and producers who will be eager to exchange and share with you. A fine example of a direct circuit from producer to consumer!

Find all the information on

Picasso exhibition 1932. Erotic Year

The Picasso-Paris National Museum, in partnership with the Tate Modern in London, is dedicating an entire exhibition to a whole year of creation. The year in question was 1932, a particularly prolific period for the Spanish painter who already enjoyed a good reputation. Essential if you are staying in Paris between October 10 and February 11,2018.

Chronological, the exhibition “Picasso 1932. An erotic year “follows the artist’s creative process step by step from January 1 to December 31,1932. Chronological, like a diary. Didn’t Picasso say:”The work you do is a way of keeping your diary”? Thus through the 110 paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures presented, through the hundred or so archival documents, the visitor is invited to enter into the intimacy and daily life of the painter. And then the obvious: the link between personal life and artistic creation.

In 1932, Picasso was 51 years old. He is preparing his first retrospective, which will be held in June at the Georges-Petit gallery in Paris. This deadline keeps him on the edge of his feet and gives him a very strong creative impulse that will give birth to a lot of paintings. Some of them will remain among the artist’s greatest works, such as Le Rêve or the series of bathers. Most of these very sensual paintings depict Picasso’s young mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, a muse that he will represent over and over again.

“Picasso 1932. An erotic year “presents the important production resulting from this creative whirlwind, 25 canvases made between January 2 and March 14. So many creations that question the relationship to surrealism. The exhibition also reveals another theme dear to the artist: Crucifixion.

All practical information can be found at

Don’t miss the concerts at the AccorHotels Arena

Marilyn Manson on 27 November, Jamiroquai on 29 November and Elton John on 1 December: three concerts, three events to be played at the AccorHotels Arena at the end of 2017! Fans of metal, acid jazz or romantic pop already look forward to meeting their idols on the big Parisian stage. You too?

Marilyn Manson in concert in a large French concert hall? It’s been five years since it happened! We understand the impatience of fans, inconsolable after the cancellation of the concert in November 2015 in Paris, due to the attacks. This time Marylin Manson will be there and there on November 27th to present her tenth and last album “Heaven Upside Down”.

Two days later, on November 29th, the AccorHotels Arena unrolls the red carpet in Jamiroquai. The British band has been a hit since the release of their album “Automaton” in March 2017. With this success, singer Jay Kay and his acolytes went on to perform sold-out concerts. They will stop in Paris this autumn as part of their European tour. A great way to celebrate their 25 years of career!

Sir Elton John, the incomparable interpreter of Your Song and Candle in the Wind, the man with 300 million albums sold, is no longer featured. The song that the famous singer celebrates on the occasion of the “Wonderful Crazy Night Tour” is the 33rd, an honourable figure for this living legend who celebrated his 70th birthday this year. To applaud this sacred monster, shake his joyous pop rock songs and shiver to the rhythm of his ballads, see you on December 1st at the AccorHotels Arena!

The Palym Hotel welcomes you after your concert. All booking information on our website.

PALYM - Programmation AccorHotels Arena

Lady Gaga, Justice and Shakira perform at the AccorHotels Arena

The AccorHotels Arena of Paris, a must for the greatest music stars, is already preparing to open its doors with three concerts this autumn: Lady Gaga and Justice in October and Shakira’s in early November. Excited atmosphere and strong emotions guaranteed!

Lady Gaga
We don’t introduce the pop diva anymore! On October 6 and 7, Lady Gaga will stop at the AccorHotels Arena for two exceptional concerts as part of the Joanne World Tour. The world tour, which began in Vancouver, follows the singer’s fifth studio album. The tickets to his Parisian concerts were torn apart like buns! The superstar is planning to take a break after the tour, a first after ten years of a career at the top.

Revealed in 2007 as the electro band of the year, Justice will perform in front of its Parisian public on October 14th at the AccorHotels Arena. Since 2011, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay had not produced anything in the studio. We can therefore imagine the joy of their fans when their third album, Woman, was released at the end of 2016. A successful comeback for the duo. With its Woman World Tour 2017 tour, Justice electrifies the world’s greatest stages. The event at the AccorHotels Arena promises to be grandiose!

Complete! Shakira’s concert scheduled for November 10 at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris will be sold out. Fans can rest assured that an additional date is scheduled for November 11. Get ready to vibrate, sing, roll your hips on the greatest Latin pop rock hits of the Colombian superstar. El Dorato World Tour will set fire to the AccorHotels Arena! Two more concerts will follow in Montpellier and Lyon.

For your concerts, book at the Palym Hotel, located near the AccorHotels Arena.

PALYM - Nuit blanche

The “White Night” in Paris on October 7th

The ritual is now known: every first Saturday in October, Parisians and tourists take part in a “White Night” in the capital. If you are staying at the Palym hotel on Saturday, October 7th, join these happy night owls and discover the Parisian public spaces transformed into temporary exhibition spaces.

Since 2002, success has never wavered. The “White Night”, launched by the City of Paris, attracts several million visitors every year. From 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., artists from all over the world and the public will travel the streets of Paris in a popular and festive atmosphere. The event is free of charge.

This 16th edition includes two major courses. One will be held in the centre of Paris: Parc Rives-de-Seine, Place de la République, les Halles, les quais. The other will be located in the Chapelle district in the 18th arrondissement. Supervised by Charlotte Laubard, Artistic Director of the “White Night 2017”, the two courses explore the theme of “Doing Common Work” with the idea of “celebrating creation in a collective, between artists or citizens who wish to change representations and perceptions”.

These strolls are an opportunity to admire works on display, to attend performances and conferences. But also to discover Paris from a new angle. Don’t miss: on the banks, the Berlin collective Invisible Playground, which offers a participative work; the musical rendezvous under the Canopée des Halles; the sound and visual creation of the collective Mu and the reproduction of a film shoot at night by the collective (La) Horde.

To allow you to enjoy this Nuit blanche safely and serenely, transportation will be available all night long, and many restaurants will remain open until the early morning.

Find all the information about the “White Night’ on the City of Paris website.

Fête de la Gastronomie

Gastronomy Festival

From the 22nd to the 24th of September 2017, culinary flavors will be honored during the Gastronomy Festival! This national holiday celebrates French cuisine. Everywhere in Paris, discover workshops, markets and passionate producers who will share their love for gastronomy!

It’s not a secret: the French and gastronomy is a true love story! It is part of our cultural identity. It is not surprising that we have dedicated three days of cooking to the cuisine and that this is part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity. This popular festival brings together every year producers, chefs and gastronomes come to share their passion. It brings together 2.5 million gourmands and has 10,500 events organized throughout France.

For this 7th edition, the Festival of Gastronomy highlights “the product” and will be supported by Stéphane Layani, President of the Rungis National Market of Interest. On the program of this Gastronomy Festival: banquets, tastings, picnics, workshops and conferences.

Discover our selection of events in Paris around the Gastronomy Festival:
– All around the fish, organized by the Atelier Duphot, for a course of cod cutting, the 22nd of September from 7 p.m.
– A gastronomic menu at the restaurant Mesturet and thematic tastings.
– Behind the scenes of the café, organized by Brûlerie Caron, for a pedagogical animation on coffee, the 22nd and the 23rd of September from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
– Food Temple-The Bar of all desires, organized by the Tile of the Temple, for a tasteful trip to Colombia!
– The small salons of the Mairie de Paris for a gourmet meal on the 22nd of September.
– At the heart of the products of the Gers, organized by Maison Tête, to discover local products and share a convivial moment.

A great idea of an outing that will delight fine palates on your next stay at the Palym Hotel!

You will find the list of all the Paris events of the Gastronomy Festival on the official website:

Les Journées Européennes du Patrimoine

European Heritage Days

As every year, the European Heritage Days will allow visitors to discover many monuments and cultural places free of charge. These two days also offer the possibility of attending workshops and meetings with enthusiasts. See you on the 16th and the 17th of September!

The European Heritage Days are the most important cultural event of the start of the year. They are an opportunity to visit places that are generally closed to the general public and to meet enthusiasts who work for the preservation and enhancement of heritage. Since 1984, this event attests to the public’s interest in French history and heritage. In all, throughout France, there are no less than 17,000 monuments that come alive during these two atypical days.

The 34th edition of the European Heritage Days will highlight the thematic “Youth and Heritage”. This theme is aimed at raising the awareness of the younger people about heritage. These two days will also highlight the volunteer camps and allow for a first professional orientation. It will be an opportunity to take part in walks, guided tours and workshops adapted to young audiences in Ile-de-France and in Paris.

The Palym hotel is located in the heart of Paris and offers easy access to a myriad of sites open for the European Heritage Days. Around our hotel, in the 12th arrondissement, you can, for example, discover the Heritage Days at the Musée des Arts Forains, Bercy Village, the RATP, the National Bank of France or the Palais de la Porte Dorée.

In all of Paris, you will have the opportunity to visit the offices of the Elysée and (perhaps) to shake the hand of our President, to discover hidden Gustave Eiffel windmill, to visit the Cité de la Mode or the Carrousel du Louvre.

Discover the program of this weekend on the site of the European Days of the Patrimony:

Le festival Rock en Seine

Rock en Seine Festival

Rock en Seine is the last musical rendezvous of the summer. From the 25th to the 27th of August, the 15th edition of the festival will blaze the national park of Saint-Cloud and rock music lovers with the best of rock, pop and electro!

Since 2003, the Rock en Seine festival has become a place in the music scene and has become a must-see event for pop-rock fans in Europe and one of the biggest rock events in France. The biggest singers or groups have gone through this festival. In fifteen years, the fans have been enchanted by the melodies of Björk or Muse. They raged on the sounds of Massive Attack and Rage Against The Machine. And they found the biggest tubes of Radiohead or Arcade Fire.

As every year, festival goers can discover the nuggets of the moment and find headliners. For three days, the 120,000 festival-goers will be able to attend more than 65 concerts on five stages. On the program of this 2017 edition, you can hear PJ Harvey, the XX, The Shins, Timber Timbre or Cypress Hill.

Program :

  • Friday, 25th of August, 2017: Caballero, FJJ, Jeanjass, Flume, Franz Ferdinand, The Pretty Reckless, Mø, Barbagallo, Inuit, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Grouplove, Hercules & Love Affair, Beach Fossils
  • Saturday 26th of August 2017: Jain, Columbine, Fakear, Her, The Kills, PJ Harvey, Sleaford Mods, Lysistrata, Lee Fields, Peter Peter, Girls In Hawaii , Ulrika Spacek, Ibibio Sound Machine
  • Sunday, 27th of August, 2017 : Deluxe, Romeo Elvis, Panda Dub, Mac Demarco, Cypress Hill, The Xx, Rone, Ty Segall, The Lemon Twigs, Rejjie Snow, Slowdive, Rendez Vous, Gracy Hopkins, George Ezra, Denzel Curry, Car Seat Headrest, Amber Run

With such a program, the festival Rock en Seine has found the perfect remedy to make forget the blues of the holidays!

Practical information :
Price: 119 € the Pass 3 days

Exposition Christian Dior : un peu de rêve au Musée des Arts décoratifs

Exhibition Christian Dior: a little dream at the Museum of Decorative Arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Dior house with a majestic retrospective “Christian Dior, a dream couturier”. Since July 5, amateurs and curious people can discover the most beautiful creations imagined by the artistic directors of this emblematic haute couture house.

Until January 7, 2018, visitors will be able to marvel at more than 300 dresseshighlighted by a sublime course designed by Nathalie Crinière. Florence Müller and Olivier Gabet, curators of the exhibition, created a chronological and thematic route in a space of 3,000 sqm.

This retrospective sublimates the work of Christian Dior (1905-1957) from 1947 to the present day. The great French couturier knew how to put some extravagance in the wise outfits of the time and reinvent the post-war fashion. After seven decades, the Dior house continues to create modern and elegant outfits and to dress women.

Former gallery owner, Christian Dior was also an enlightened art lover. His creations have been influenced by contemporary artists. It is therefore not surprising that the Museum of Decorative Arts has selected many works of art that have influenced the couturier and perfectly illustrates his career. You will find workshop canvases, fashion photographs, as well as hundreds of documents including sketches, illustrations and letters.

The location of this retrospective is not insignificant since Christian Dior loved this Parisian museum and scrolled through its models. The first exhibition devoted to the famous haute couture house was held in 1987. Thirty years later, the designer and his successors, including Yves Saint Laurent, John Galliano and Maria Grazia Chuiri, The current artistic director of the house.

Useful information :
Museum of Decorative Arts
107 rue Rivoli, 75001 Paris
From July 5, 2017 to January 7, 2018

The 2017 Wrestling World Championships

The Wrestling World Championships will take place at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris from the 21st to the 26th of August 2017. An event very much awaited by the enthusiasts of this spectacular discipline which we invite you to discover during your stay at the hotel Palym a the end of August.

It took 14 years to review the Wrestling World Championships in France after Créteil in 2003. The 1000 best athletes from all over the world will compete from 21st to 26th August at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. A great opportunity to (re) discover three Olympic styles during six days of competitions: Free wrestling, Greco-Roman and feminine. Approximately 5,000 spectators are expected each day to encourage athletes.

If you are a novice, know that each fight takes place in 2 rounds of 3 minutes. Wrestlers must either reverse or subjugate their opponent for points. In addition to these thrilling fights, the organizers have planned numerous animations to make the spectators experience a unique experience.

Appeared 5,000 years ago during the Sumerian era, wrestling is considered the oldest sporting discipline in history. She was represented as a divine art by the Greeks and was already taking an important part in the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. The free wrestling appeared for the first time at the Olympic Games in St. Louis in 1904, followed by the Women’s Fight 100 years later, in 2004, at the Athens Olympics.

Discover the program of the Wrestling World Championships in France on the website of the AccorHotels Arena of Paris: 2017

Robbie Williams at the AccorHotels Arena and the Festival Fnac Live at the Town Hall

Robbie Williams is the concert not to be missed this summer! So rare on stage in recent years, the British singer arrives at the AccordHotels Arena on July 1, 2017. A few days later, several artists will come to ignite the public of the Town Hall for the Festival Fnac Live. A great idea for your next stay at the Hotel Palym.

Robbie Williams at the AccordHotels Arena
Robbie Williams began his solo career 20 years ago, after the success of his former band “Take That”. His fans jumped for joy when he announced his European tour a few months ago! On the program, 29 shows in 18 countries, including France. The singer will be dirty July 1 next during his concert at the AccordHotels Arena in Paris. The artist will be presenting his eleventh installment, The Heavy Entretainment Show, and will take back his old hits such as Feel, Angels, She’s The One … As usual, he reserves a myriad of surprises for his audience. In the first part, it is the British group of synthpop Erasure that will raise the temperature.
Discover the concert details on the AccordHotels Arena website:

The Fnac Live Festival
Every year, it’s a real success. The Festival Fnac Live invites itself in the forecourt of the Town Hall to make the public vibrate with free concerts. From Thursday 6 to Saturday July 8, 2017, Benjamin Biolay, Calypso Rose, Cassius, Julien Doré and Fishbach will come to push the song. Through this festival, Fnac presents its favorites and its most beautiful discoveries with about thirty concerts in the open air. To consume without moderation !
Discover the detailed program on the Fnac website:

La fête de la musique

The festival of Music

As every year, the Music Festival will take place on June 21st, the day of the summer solstice. A wonderful day to celebrate music with free concerts throughout the French capital. We invite you to discover some concerts programmed around the hotel Palym.

Created by Jack Lang to highlight musical diversity, this must-see event is not lacking in panache. All musical genres are represented to the delight of music lovers.

Cour Saint-Emilion – Bercy Village, 12th arrondissement
Not far from your hotel, the Cour Saint-Emilion invites you to a colorful music evening with 3 concerts of soul and pop electro. At 6:30 pm, Ludwig Nestor will warm the audience with soul and funk melodies. At 7:45 pm, Rakia will continue on neo soul and R & B sounds. Starting at 9 pm, China Laroche will invite you to wiggle on electro pop.

Place de la Bastille – 12th arrondissement
Here is a place for drums and Japanese dance from 8 pm to 9.30 pm. This magnificent Taiko and Awa Odori show will be presented by Tsunagari Taiko Center, the only Japanese drum and dance school in France. They will be accompanied by the dance troupe wa Tsunagari Ren.

At the Banana Ivorian – 10 rue de la Forge Royale, 11th arrondissement
Always near the Hotel Palym, you can attend a dance performance of Zouglou at the Banan Ivoirienne from 6 pm to midnight. This dance coming from Ivory Coast to the rhythm endiablé will certainly give you desire to dance in a mad atmosphere.

Temple of the Foyer of the Me – 7bis, Rue du Pastor Wagner, 11th arrondissement
More classic, the Temple of the Foyer invites you to relax with the sound of violins and organ from 6.30 to 7.30 pm on works by Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart.

Some metro lines are open all night! Enjoy it to explore Paris in music!

Salon International de l’Aéronautique

International Exhibition of Aeronautics and Space

From June 19th to June 25th, 2017, the 52nd edition of the International Aeronautics and Space Show will be organized by the SIAE, otherwise known as the “Paris Air Show”! To attend this must-see event, we invite you to stay at the Palym hotel, which is 30 minutes by RER from Le Bourget.

This large-scale event brings together all the players in the global industry around the latest technological innovations at Le Bourget. The first 4 days are reserved for professionals followed by 3 days open to the general public. This new edition promises to be full of innovations and promises a breathtaking show.

Considered to be the world’s leading aeronautics fair, the Paris Air Show is a gathering of enthusiasts, professionals and curious people. Professionals come to exchange their know-how and present the great innovations of the moment. While the passionate and the curious come there to discover and to attend the show.

This year, we look forward to the Airbus E-Fan for its ecological innovation and the A350 XWB. Antonov will unveil his new AN178. Be sure to take a detour through Hall Concorde to discover the exhibition “Avion des métiers”, where you can also meet enthusiasts or participate in simulation workshops on the program. Finally, you can attend the Rockettry Challenge: hundreds of young people launch mini-rockets at 230 meters of altitude. The final is held on June 19th.

Practical information :
Official website:
From the 19th to the 25th of June 2017 and from the 23th to the 25th of June for the general public

Bruno Mars en concert à l’AccorHotels Arena

The 24K Magic World Tour: Bruno Mars in concert at the AccorHotels Arena on the 5th and the 6th of June 2017!

Among the unavoidable events of June at the AccorHotels Arena, we immediately mention “The 24K Magic World Tour” by Bruno Mars! If you are planning to attend this concert, why not stay at the Palym Hotel? Forget about transport, the AccorHotels Arena is only a fifteen minute walk away or a metro station from our cozy hotel.

Do we still need to present Bruno Mars? As a songwriter and singer, the Grammy Award winner has not stopped talking about him and ignited the spectators who come to see him at every concert. Among his biggest hits were “Locked Out of Heaven”, “When I Was Your Man” and “Uptown Funk”.

His fans were delighted to hear that Bruno Mars was coming to France for two crazy concerts at the AccorHotels Arena on 5 and 6 June! “The 24K Magic World Tour” is already well under way since it started on 28 March in Antwerp, Belgium. By the end of the year, the singer will give a hundred concerts in the biggest cities of Europe, including Paris, Berlin, Madrid and London. An impressive tour that accompanies the release of his album “24K Magic”, released in the bins in November 2016.

The show should resume its old titles and reserve many surprises! After all, Lenny Kravitz was on the last tour of Bruno Mars, “The Moonshine Jungle World Tour”. The singer, for his part, had done us the honor of a few occasions, a few songs a capella and some choreographies swinging. We do not expect less for this new show!

All information on the AccorHotels Arena website!

Coupe de France de Handball 2017

Sit in the finals of the French Handball Cup 2017

Are you a fan or a lover of Handball? Do not miss the French Handball Cup Finals on May 27, 2017 at the AccorHotels Arena in the 12th arrondissement of Paris! From the Palym hotel, it is connected to a metro station or a 15 minute walk.

Let yourself be seduced by the exhilarating and sporting atmosphere of the Coupe de France Handball Finals! National, regional and departmental, women’s and men’s finals: this 100% handball day will make you vibrate with hectic matches. If the suspense remains unresolved concerning the teams that will be in the finals, the show promises you six exceptional finals in which the best teams of France will compete. Get ready for a day full of emotions! From 10 am to 8:30 pm, the matches will follow one another and show you all the colors.

Program of the French Handball Cup 2017: 10 h: women’s departmental final
12 h: Men’s departmental final
2 pm: women’s regional finals
4 pm: Men’s Regional Final
6:15 pm: Women’s National Final
8:30 pm: Men’s National Final

To book your tickets for this sporting event, it’s simple, just go to the AccorHotels Arena website!

In the meantime, we will give you an appointment for the weekend of May 27, 2017 for a stay in one of our cozy rooms. You will certainly enjoy your Sunday to wander around the hotel, take a walk on the banks of the Seine or stroll along the green castle.

Culture in April: “All at the Opera” and “Exhibition at the Orangerie Museum”

In April, do not miss a thread and go to the opera or museum! The Palym Hotel invites you for a cultural getaway in the heart of Paris throughout the month of April. It will be an opportunity to discover the backstage of the Paris Operas or to contemplate the finest works of the Ishibashi Foundation collection at the Orangerie Museum.

All at the Opera
Discover the reverse side of the opera scene in Paris for a weekend. Twenty-three French opera houses open their doors for this 11th edition on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May 2017, including the Opéra National de Paris and Opéra Comique de Paris. Entirely free, this event allows everyone to visit mythical places, to attend rehearsals and to discover the backstage of theaters. You will also have the opportunity to attend conferences, participate in workshops and meet artists. This event brings together more than 80,000 people all over Europe!
Discover the program of the event on the site of Tous à l’Opéra:

Exhibition at the Orangerie Museum: Tokyo-Paris, Masterpieces of the Bridgestone Museum of Art, Collection Ishibashi Foundation
From April 5 to August 21, 2017, the Musée de l’Orangeraie will host a unique exhibition: Tokyo-Paris, Masterpieces of the Bridgestone Museum of Art, Collection Ishibashi Foundation. The collection of the Bridgestone Museum gathers unique masterpieces chosen delicately by three generations of the Ishibashi industrial dynasty. The collection now contains 2,600 works, many of which are managed in Tokyo. The exhibition will feature artists such as Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, Picasso, Matisse and Pollock. You will discover six sections on industry, art and impressionism throughout the ages.

*Find all the information on this exhibition on the website of the “Orangerie Museum” : -ishibashi-foundation

Spring: Program at the AccorHotels Arena

Music lovers or sports lovers: discover the programming of AccorHotels Arena de Paris! The months of April and May are very emotional. Let yourself be rocked by Ed Sheeran’s pop rock music and support your favorite basketball and hockey teams!

Ed Sheeran
On 6 April, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is invited to the AccorHotels Arena. Passing through Paris for his tour through Europe, Mexico, Central America and South America, the young singer of 26 years will push the song to the delight of his fans and will make you discover his third Album solo. We just shiver at the thought of “Shape of you”, “Castle on the hill” or “I see fire”.

The French Cup of Basketball
Experience one of the strongest moments of basketball with the finals of the French Cup of Basketball! On April 21 and 22, the matches will take place at the AccorHotels Arena. The players will offer a thrilling show to their supporters from all over France. Ambiance, emotion and sporting performance will add brilliantly to the delight of fans of the orange ball!

The Ice Hockey World Championship
The AccorHotels Arena will host the biggest annual winter sport event: the Ice Hockey World Championship, which runs from 5 to 21 May 2017. The 81st edition will be represented by 16 countries with 64 matches. Hockey fans will find the best teams in the world, including Finland and Belarus, who will open the festivities, as well as Canada and the Czech Republic, the reigning world champions.

Find the program of the hotel on its site:

Preparing for Easter holidays: Palym’s advice

The Easter holidays are fast approaching and intense. Marathon, Throne Fair, circus and ice skates will give you the rhythm of your Parisian stay at the Palym Hotel. Discover our suggestions for outings!

The Paris Marathon
Running fans have been waiting for it for months! The Paris Marathon returns on April 9th. This 41st edition promises to be colorful with more than 60,000 runners expected to tread the 42,195 km of this legendary course which begins on the Champs Elysees and ends Avenue Foch. Discover the route on the dedicated website:

The Throne Fair
The biggest fair in Paris is preparing to celebrate its 1060th anniversary from 31 March to 28 May 2017 and will meet you on the Pelouse de Reuilly in Bois de Vincennes. New attractions await you to give you some adrenaline bites. Discover the program of the Throne Fair:

Charlety makes her circus
Like every year, Charlety Stadium turns into a giant circus during the Easter holidays. Children between the ages of 7 and 17 can fly in the air on a trampoline, defy the laws of gravity by imitating tightrope walkers or spinning at full speed pedal karting.

The Arena of the AccorHotel Arena
Enjoy the end of “winter” to put on skates and slide on the ice of the AccorHotel Arena ice rink. Friendly moments shared and laughter guaranteed! Feel like an unusual evening with friends? Take advantage of the events organized, the American Party on March 25th and the Ice Dance Festival on April 1st. All details on the website of the hotel:

Come and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Paris!

The Saint Patrick could be summed up in three words: beer, music and dance! On March 17, Parisian pubs go green and proudly wear the clover, the emblem of Ireland. Do not forget to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day if you are in Paris this weekend. Corcoran’s, one of the most renowned pubs in the capital, is a short walk from the Palym Hotel.

Famous Christian festival from Ireland, St. Patrick celebrates every year for five days the patron saint of Ireland. The national holiday of Ireland to cross the borders and is celebrated today in many countries, including France! A perfect opportunity to discover new beers and get drunk with the festive atmosphere of Parisian pubs with friends. Bring a green hat or jacket, draw a nice clover on your cheeks and go to feast in the most famous pubs of the capital! Good atmosphere guaranteed with many concerts and animations organized in the four corners of the capital.

Take a tour of the must-see places for some beer tastings. Among our favorite addresses are Corcoran’s of Saint-Michel (5th), Corcoran’s Bastille (12th), Guiness Tavern (1st), Cluny’s Tavern (5th) and The Lizard Lounge (4th).

And if you want a 100% Irish atmosphere, go to the Irish Cultural Center on Sunday 19 March with a lunch concocted by The Green Goose and cakes prepared by the Foodtruck Karr Lichou, a traditional music concert with Notify, a crazy show With Lords of Strut and a make-up workshop!

AccorHotel Arena: ask for the program!

You are rather sport or music? Both? In February, at the AccorHotel Arena, you will find four sporting events.


Come to vibrate and encourage your champions in the largest gym in France, which is also one of the great musical scenes of Paris. Do not miss the two phenomenal concerts scheduled this month! Play double hit by booking at the Palym Hotel which offers both proximity and comfort.

Everyone in the starting blocks, because starting February 1 with the Hand Star Game, an unprecedented match between the best French and foreign players of the French Handball Championship. On February 8, athletics with the Paris indoor meeting. The Olympic medalists of Rio, like Kevin Mayer, Renaud Lavillenie and Christophe Lemaitre, will be in the party! The 11th and 12th of February will be followed by the 43rd edition of Judo Paris Grand Slam, the biggest international judo tournament. Finally, on 19 February, the AccorHotel Arena hosts the final of the French Ice Hockey Cup. Chills guaranteed!

You’ve been waiting for it for four years! GreenDay is finally back, and it is the former room of Bercy that the group chose for its unique French concert within the framework of Revolution Radio Tour. Hurry up, it’s on February 3! On February 28th, The Weeknd, the pop / RnB singer, is also featured on his first world tour, “Starboy: Legend of the Fall.”

Valentine’s Day at the Palym Hotel

Prepare yourself: in a few days, little hearts and angels will spring up from all sides. In the windows, in the newspapers, on the television, the information can not escape you: it is soon the Valentine’s Day.


Où dîner à proximité du Palym ?

Where to eat near the Palym?

No shortage of tasty places in Paris! Even and especially around your hotel, located close to the Gare de Lyon but also not far from the Bastille district. But if we find easily many places to eat in Paris, good restaurants are obviously rarer … Discover them easily during your evenings at the hotel Palym!
Of course wey have already spoken about this place but we insist because it is a Parisian legend: the Blue Train! Brasserie cult Parisian heritage, it is waiting right inside of the Gare de Lyon for a gourmet lunch or dinner in the atmosphere vintage. Thanks to Jean-Pierre Hiccups, renowned chef, you will will enjoy delicious food!

But ten minutes walk you’re in the Bastille area where you will always find the table you! The great Lebanese cuisine is a specialty of Small Fakra while the “Guarani Passion” will carry you in the restaurant of the same name to the Latin flavor! And a gastronomy inspired by the Franco-Japanese fusion, direction to the “Who feather moon” at 50 rue Amelot, Bastille always! Yum !

Book your gastronomic stay in Paris!

L’Hôtel Palym vous propose une balade dépaysante

Hotel Palym offers an exotic ride

Hotel Palym is the heart of a neighborhood that has changed considerably in recent years. Unusual places, hidden gardens and famous monuments for an unforgettable ride. Of course, Bastille, its neighborhood, its opera, its nightlife. But also the Faubourg Saint-Antoine and his universe around the home and decoration. All this is well known. But stroll in the neighborhood and discover its riches more discreet: the Garden of the Arsenal port, the promenade planted or Aligre market. Push a little and visit the School of Architecture at the incredible design or “la Cité de la Mode” so Frenchy!

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L’Hôtel Palym : En face de la gare de Lyon tout simplement

Hotel Palym: In front of the Gare de Lyon just

Coming from the South, Lyon, Switzerland: you get to the mythical Gare de Lyon Station. Before going to your Palym Hotel and his team, take some time because few travelers linger on this station yet has many attractions. With its 90 million passengers per year is a whopping 250 miles per day, 30 million on the TGV lines: it is the Parisian station of superlatives!

But have you noticed only the belfry which rises to 67 meters high and its clock to 6 meters in diameter? Have you noticed the two sets of 19th statutes that decorate the facade: yet they are worthy of inclusion in the Musée d’Orsay? Did you notice the Blue Train Restaurant and its decoration Belle Epoque? Inaugurated in 1901, a time when carefree Europe dominates the world and it shows today in this high place of Parisian gastronomy.

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Hotel Palym - AccorHotel arena

Sound and sliding at the Accordhotels Arena

The new year begins with Accordhotels Arena! The big Parisian scene, accustomed to receiving big names, released the big game for David Guetta’s fans, expected on January 19,2018. Sportsmen and sportswomen are not to be outdone: on January 28th, the former Bercy hall is transformed into a skating rink to host the final of the […]

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